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Albeit they might be a surprise encounter. It's a good day to ask for a raise or a favour or approval for something because the odds are strong that you will get the answer you want. Nevertheless, something unexpected is at play.

Weekly Forecast September 16th, 2019 Astrology Answers

Travel plans might change today. Or perhaps you have to suddenly travel when you didn't expect to do so? You might also be attracted to someone who is different or from another culture today. This is also a good day to pursue avenues in publishing, the media, the law and medicine. Pay attention to inheritances, shared property and insurance disputes because something unexpected could impact these areas.

Meanwhile, this is a favourable day to ask for favours or to borrow something or approach a financial institution. You can even open the door and go inside. This is a great day to schmooze with partners, close friends and members of the general public. You might meet someone new who is different or unusual.

Whatever connections you establish today will make you feel good and they might benefit you in the future. Today you have a chance to improve your work station or make improvements to how you earn your money. Coworkers are supportive; however, something on the job will surprise you today or catch you off guard. Hopefully, it's a pleasant. Parents should take note that this is a mildly accident-prone day for your kids.

Meanwhile, social activities might change or be cancelled. Alternatively, you might receive a surprise invitation? Romance especially with someone different or unusual can blossom! Something unexpected might interrupt your home routine today. Someone unusual or different will drop by or contact you. You might suddenly buy something beautiful for where you live.

You might also entertain someone. This is a fantastic day to schmooze with friends, groups and everyday contacts.

Capricorn: Your daily horoscope - October 08

In particular, you will enjoy hanging out with younger people, especially people involved in the arts or creative activities. New faces, new places and new information will stimulate your day! A discussion with a boss, parent or a VIP might benefit you financially today. You might ask for a favour or even a raise?

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This favour might have a social aspect. Perhaps it includes an invitation? An unexpected boon or a surprise to your finances could occur. This is an interesting day because the Moon is in your sign dancing with wacky Uranus and fair Venus. Sudden opportunities to travel might fall in your lap. You get my message. You get a chance in a million now to turn your body, mind and soul into a temple Add a Mercury-Venus cosmic indulgence and you have the picture of a week made especially for you, Gemini. Single Geminis, get back on the prowl and in the game. Internet dating is also a possibility the internet is also ruled by Mercury, the communication guru and this week IT couples with romantic and sexy Venus CANCER This week is about finding—or creating—that little patch of peace and metaphorical sunshine that your sign so dearly craves.

Channel your inner interior decorator in your home and office. Painting a wall, refreshing your duvet cover and throw pillows, or reconfiguring the furniture can do wonders to spruce up the place. For bonus points, take a peek at a bagua map and work some Feng Shui magic into your scheme. Need help form a Feng Shui guru? I am here whenever you are in doubt or need of practical Feng Shui magic: Placing objects in pairs in the bedroom, for example, is said to promote relationships.

Put a plant in your money corner for financial growth; make sure that your bed is accessible from both sides and you may soon have someone else to keep you warm at night. Say a prayer unconventional ones are welcome! Instead of autopiloting through your daily routines, pay attention to your surroundings. Read the flyers tacked to the bulletin board while you wait for your morning latte.

Venus enters Scorpio

You might find a posting for a class or workshop that will completely rock your world. Smile and make eye contact with people who catch your interest; spark up a conversation if your warmth is returned. This new moon is boosting your social life in a big way and your connection to your neighbourhood. And the warm feeling of belonging coming out of this exercise, is an added bonus worth every effort. Less is definitely more, especially if you radar in on the big fish instead of the school of coys swimming around. A big focus of this new moon will be on your financial foundations.

Rake through monthly statements with your eagle eye, prune that "wanted" list and start anew with a fresh perspective and more money in the bank. This is your cosmic New Year, a day where you officially get to hit the refresh button and start from scratch if you so desire. Sit down with a pumpkin spice latte and a pristine new notebook and jot down your wishes for the year ahead.

The Libra new moon says, go for it! Take the first step this week, while the lunar forces are fuelling your tanks. Shift into drive and take action.

Capricorn: Your daily horoscope - October 08

Mark Monday as your personal Independence Day and liberate yourself from everybody and everything that keeps you from being your creative, adorable, self. Identity crisis, anyone? You must either close the door on this situation or find a way to totally reinvent it. This new moon helps you appreciate joint venture opportunities that still allow you to maintain your own identity. You could form a "creative team" or an "action group" or a "brainstorming inner circle" instead of merging into a nameless, faceless blob with other people.

This new moon is here to help you find your tribe, even if that means starting from the ground up. Print up some cards and get out on the networking circuit, both in real time and online. If you already have a great group of connections, host a party or event to bring them all together. Happy Hour or a weekend meetup at a cool pub will do just fine. Your crew is the original melting pot, so this should be a divine social experiment. Your own genius will shine even brighter after this infusion of the "melting pot" variety.

New moons are a time for planting seeds and this week is more about sowing than reaping rewards. The bountiful crop comes six months from now, on March 27, , when the full moon in Libra lights the skies.

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Turn your focus to making new connections, getting a mission started from the ground floor, hiring a coach, or taking any seminars you need to bring your skills up to par Leadership training or a business class could also bring an inspiring dimension to your work life. Otherwise, it can, as they say, get rather lonely at the top. This is a goal-setting new moon.

This new moon in Libra is here to teach you to streamline and prioritize. This might actually be a pearl of wisdom, since Libra is the ruler of your ninth house of higher education. Is a class or training program calling your name? This is the week to enroll and start a course of study. You may find that this class falls into the realm of non-traditional education or experiential learning. This new moon wants you to take a vacation. While everyone else is sinking into back-to-work mode, you could be enjoying those low season travel deals in fabulous and far-flung corners of the world.

Even dreaming about a future trip will put you in an inspired headspace. Although you may feel backed into a corner, consider this a good thing.

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  8. Sitting in the grey zone is stalling your progress, Pisces. The truth is, you already know what to do about this situation.

    astrology answers weekly horoscope october 16 Astrology answers weekly horoscope october 16
    astrology answers weekly horoscope october 16 Astrology answers weekly horoscope october 16
    astrology answers weekly horoscope october 16 Astrology answers weekly horoscope october 16
    astrology answers weekly horoscope october 16 Astrology answers weekly horoscope october 16
    astrology answers weekly horoscope october 16 Astrology answers weekly horoscope october 16
    astrology answers weekly horoscope october 16 Astrology answers weekly horoscope october 16

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